Trial reports “understated harms” of taking slimming drug orlistat (Alli), new study claims

A study released yesterday by researchers of the Nordic Cochrane Center suggests that pharmaceutical companies often fail to tell doctors and patients the full story of the negative side effects of the drugs they sell. Comparing seven previously undisclosed clinical study reports (CSRs) from trials of the slimming drug orlistat with publicly available information, the […]

17th August 2016|

Leaked pharma slide illustrates why investors care about clinical trial transparency

In an article published in The Street earlier this month, veteran biotech stock pundit Adam Feuerstein claims that “there are legitimate concerns about what Ionis discloses about the safety and tolerability of its antisense drugs in clinical trials”.

According to Feuerstein, the company in 2013
emailed copies of its newly updated corporate presentation to institutional […]

16th August 2016|

“Leading research entities routinely and flagrantly ignored their obligations to report trial results”

In December 2015, STAT published a widely discussed article and data set detailing how pharmaceutical companies and prestigious medical research institutions were routinely breaking the US legal requirement to publicly post clinical study results on In this interview, investigative journalist Charles Piller of STAT discusses how he and his colleagues extracted and analysed the […]

15th August 2016|

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren calls for clinical trial data sharing

Just months after U.S. Vice President Joe Biden threatened to cut funding to researchers who fail to report trial results, another political heavyweight in Washington D.C. has spoken out in favour of greater clinical trials transparency. Elizabeth Warren, a Senator from Massachusetts who frequently comments on lobbying and corruption issues, recently published an article titled […]

15th August 2016|

Chasing down a missing clinical trial result – a doctor’s odyssey

Note: The following is a guest blog by Dr Aus Alzaid, a practicing physician caring for people with diabetes in Saudi Arabia. Dr Alzaid can be contacted via LinkedIn. If you too have had problems accessing clinical trial results and would like to share your story, please contact the AllTrials team.

Many of my patients suffer […]

11th August 2016|

Are some pharma companies using as a marketing tool?

A recent article in the Washington Post noted that, which lists nearly 220,000 clinical studies in the United States and abroad, does not distinguish between trials that patients can enroll in for free, and trials requiring prospective participants to pay a fee.

The article cited the case of Linda Smith, an osteoarthritis sufferer who used […]

11th August 2016|

New moves to improve clinical trials reporting in the United States

In a recent editorial, the editors of the journal Nature Medicine flagged several interesting developments in the world of clinical trial transparency:

A proposed change by the US Department of Health and Human Services would tighten up existing rules for the submission of data to by requiring data to be reported regardless of whether […]

10th August 2016|

Results of the majority of breast cancer trials remain hidden

Less than half of breast cancer trials registered on are published in peer-reviewed journals, according to a new study published by the journal Research Integrity and Peer Review.

The authors of the study warn that:
the findings suggest the results of the majority of breast cancer trials remain unavailable to the public. These findings raise both ethical […]

9th August 2016|

Brexit vote spurs UK review of clinical trial guidelines

In the context of Britain’s recent decision to leave the EU, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has invited any interested parties to provide feedback on their new clinical trial guidance documents by the end of August 2016. According to the call:
The UK is assessing the potential impact on our regulatory framework […]

3rd August 2016|

National Comprehensive Cancer Network® joins AllTrials campaign for clinical trial transparency

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) has joined 668 other patient advocacy groups, professional societies, academic institutions, medical organizations, and thousands of patients worldwide in supporting the global campaign for clinical trial registration and reporting. 

NCCN®’s spokesperson, Lisa Lentz, Director of Policy and Quality, said:
“The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® supports the AllTrials campaign and its goal of clinical trial […]

13th July 2016|