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Researchers discuss challenges in reporting trial results

In a new study in the journal Trials, 59 researchers were interviewed about their experiences running clinical trials and getting their results published. Many of the researchers talked about the challenges they faced in getting results published: for example, negative or unclear results, a lack of time or resources or rejection by journals. About […]

28th January 2015|

EMA consults on implementing transparency measures

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is seeking feedback on how to implement the new Clinical Trials Regulation. This is the law that the European Parliament passed in April following all of your support for its strong transparency measures.

We are currently preparing our response and as soon as that’s ready, we’ll share it with you.

You can read […]

23rd January 2015|

Half of all trials remain unpublished

A new systematic review has found that only 53% of clinical trials are published in journal articles. The review included 39 studies which looked at how many trials were published after being entered on a clinical trial database or approved by an ethics committee. The authors of the review also found that trials with positive findings were three times more […]

20th January 2015|

British Tinnitus Association joins AllTrials and fights for access to results of a trial

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) joined AllTrials saying:
The BTA is the only national charity dedicated to supporting the 10% of the UK adult population who experience tinnitus. We are a world leader in providing support and advice about tinnitus, giving accurate, reliable and authoritative information. If we are to retain our confidence in the […]

19th January 2015|

America’s Institute of Medicine says sharing data from clinical trials should “become the norm”

A new report from the US’s Institute of Medicine says sharing of data from clinical trials is in the public interest and should be an integral part of carrying out a clinical trial. The report calls on clinical trial funders, pharmaceutical companies, patient groups, ethics committees, journals and professional bodies to make this happen.

The report concludes […]

14th January 2015|

How an abandoned heart drug trial was published 13 years later

John Hampton tells the story of how he got a clinical trial published after 13 years. In 1980, he led a trial that investigated the heart drug lorcainide in 1980. More people died in the trial who were given lorcainide than who were taking the placebo. Doctors didn’t know about the results of this […]

9th January 2015|

Message from Ben Goldacre: Please help us make a real and lasting change

Dear Friends

Please help us make a real and lasting change.

Two years ago I started discussing the problem of withheld trial data with Sense About Science. Back then, the situation seemed hopeless, and I was angry: many institutions were in denial, and many past efforts to fix the problem had ground to a halt. In January 2013 […]

18th December 2014|

2014: The year of influence for AllTrials

By Professor Carl Heneghan, Director, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford, co-founding organisation of the AllTrials campaign

As 2014 comes to an end, I thought a recap of the achievements of the AllTrials campaign this year would be worthwhile. If you are still wondering what AllTrials is about, well, where have you been?

You may have missed the fact […]

17th December 2014|

The results of over a quarter of surgery clinical trials are still hidden

The results of 27% of clinical trials on surgical techniques remain hidden according to a new study in The BMJ. Researchers from the UK searched for trials registered on the clinical trial register in 2008 and 2009 with the keyword “surgery”. They found 395 relevant trials from 39 countries on 6 continents; 314 of […]

10th December 2014|
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    Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council joins AllTrials

Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council joins AllTrials

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the Australian Government’s medical research funder and regulator, has joined AllTrials. The NHMRC oversees medical research in Australia and established the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Register (ANZCRT). Around 100 clinical trials are registered each month on the ANZCTR with close to 10,000 registered by the […]

27th November 2014|