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Recovered trials: First trial published under RIAT initiative

In May 2014 Tom Treasure and his colleagues were able to publish the results of a trial completed 20 years ago involving 1447 bowel cancer patients. It was the first trial to be published under the RIAT (recovering ignored and abandoned trials) initiative announced last year.

Few people lived more than 5 years after being […]

26th September 2014|

Recovered trials: Using unpublished data in a meta-analysis

In 2001, the Medical Research Council in the UK launched a randomised trial of treatments for children with persistent ear infections (also known as ‘glue ear’) called TARGET (Trial of Alternative Regimens in Glue Ear Treatment). They followed up with 376 children over 2 years to determine the effects of surgical treatments. But although […]

25th September 2014|

Recovered trials: A thirty-year study on a rare blood disorder

The findings of a thirty-year long clinical trial involving more than 400 people were nearly lost forever until Sue Richards and Julie Burrett took a unique avenue to make the results public. In 1974, the Medical Research Council (MRC) in the UK funded a trial for people with polycythaemia – a condition where people […]

24th September 2014|

Recovered trials: Publishing an unreported Zimbabwean trial

In 1984, Iain Chalmers (a perinatal epidemiologist) and Klim McPherson (a medical statistician/epidemiologist) and their families went to Zimbabwe for a mixture of work and holiday. Conversations with Ian Brown, their host and the professor of obstetrics in Harare, revealed that, some years earlier, there had been a controlled trial to assess the effects of routine hospitalization for bed […]

23rd September 2014|

Recovered trials: Publishing a forgotten academic trial

Simon Wessely writes on The BMJ Blogs his experience of finally publishing the results of a trial 17 years after completion. It serves as a good example of how trials can remain unpublished for so many years and what academics can do to get their abandoned trials published.

In 1995, Wessely’s team attempted to replicate a trial to determine the effect counselling had on people admitted to hospital who have […]

22nd September 2014|

80,000 people have signed the AllTrials petition

80,000 people have signed the AllTrials petition! The first 80,000 putting their shoulders to the wheel have:

Swayed a vote in Europe
Helped make registration an ethical requirement in the UK
Made a regulator reverse restrictions on sharing data
Amended law in Canada
Convinced some pharma companies to start sharing trial data
Started building the campaign in Spain & Latin […]

16th September 2014|

Respond to EMA and FDA consultations by Monday

We urgently need you to respond to two important consultations to defend independent analyses.
Tell the EMA not to censor independent analyses
In Europe, the medicines regulator wants the right to censor analyses of side effects data that it disagrees with. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is consulting on updates to its EudraVigilance access policy. EudraVigilance is […]

11th September 2014|

New EU president moves regulation of medicines to industry department

New EU president Juncker has taken the responsibility for the regulation of medicines away from the health department and handed it to the industry department. This means that the section of the European Commission with oversight for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will no longer be DG SANCO (the Health and Consumers Directorate General) and will now be […]

11th September 2014|

MPs told that there’s a “moral imperative” for all trial results to be published

The Chair of NICE has told MPs on the House of Commons Health Select Committee that when clinical trial results are kept hidden, the contribution of patients gets ignored. NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, is the UK public body which evaluates the benefits and cost effectiveness of medicines and treatments […]

5th September 2014|

Open University joins AllTrials

Professor Tim Blackman, Pro-Vice Chancellor Research, Scholarship and Quality, The Open University:
The Open University is pleased to support the AllTrials campaign’s call for full and open reporting of medical trials. As a provider of science and health education and open educational resources accessed by thousands of people worldwide, the Open University is committed to […]

2nd September 2014|