April 2014

22nd April 2014 Ben Goldacre talks AllTrials at Imagining the Future of Medicine

16th April 2014 Boehringer to release clinical trial data from 1998

11th April 2014 Project Data Sphere aims to share cancer research data

10th April 2014 We need results from all clinical trials to make decisions about medicines, Tamiflu and Relenza study shows

9th April 2014 New NIMH funding requirements include clinical trial reporting

7th April 2014 Guest Post: People with rare diseases need results from all trials

3rd April 2014 Latvian translation of the AllTrials plan is now available

3rd April 2014 Pharmaceutical company AbbVie drops its case against the EMA

2nd April 2014 Europe votes for clinical trial transparency

2nd April 2014 No excuse not to publish: MPs tell doctors regulator

1st April 2014 EU vote moved up to tomorrow – Still time to help

March 2014

31st March 2014 POST publishes briefing for MPs on Clinical Trial Data Transparency

24th March 2014 MHRA shreds clinical trial info after 15 years

February 2014

3rd February 2014 Russian translation of the AllTrials manifesto is now available.

January 2014

30th January 2014 Irish Medical Organisation calls for transparency

30th January 2014 Johnson & Johnson gives clinical trial data to researchers: a “game changer” 

27th January 2014 AllTrials campaign video coming soon

24th January 2014 One last hurdle remaining in clinical trial reform – how you can help

21st January 2014 BMJ editorial suggests a routine audit of clinical trials

16th January 2014 The Lancet investigates waste in medical research

14th January 2014 Nature editorial advises “data sharing will pay dividends”

10th January 2014 Bias in reporting of breast cancer clinical trials

3rd January 2014 MPs call for access to clinical trial information 

3rd January 2014 Public Accounts Committee Tamiflu investigation: a positive move for clinical trial transparency


December 2013

20th December 2013 Agreement reached in Europe on Clinical Trials Regulation.

16th December 2013 Clinical Trials Regulation in Europe – breaking news.

13th December 2013 European pharmacists group puts AllTrials advert in its journal.

11th December 2013 Withholding trial results is research misconduct says UK doctors register.

10th December 2013 Until the results of all clinical trials are published, patients everywhere lose out.

9th December 2013 European organisations send briefing document on Clinical Trials Regulation in Europe.

5th December 2013 AllTrials response to Pfizer’s new data sharing policy.

5th December 2013 EMA gets important European ruling in AbbVie and InterMune cases.

5th December 2013 Clinical trial registers contain more complete information than published articles.

3rd December 2013 See-through science.

2nd December 2013 Transparency in cancer trials is vital.


28th November 2013 How registering all trials will make a difference to transparency.

26th November 2013 A European consumer perspective on clinical trial reporting.

22nd November 2013 AbbVie, Intermune and the EMA – Court cases and motivations.

21st November 2013 UK Government’s response to Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry into clinical trials.

18th November 2013 Joint letter adds weight to growing number of voices calling for transparency amendments in Europe.

15th November 2013 Support for AllTrials in Germany.

14th November 2013 ABPI research into clinical trial reporting.

12th November 2013 Italian translation of the AllTrials manifesto is now available.

11th November 2013 Organisations send a briefing document on Clinical Trials Regulation to Europe.

6th November 2013 Important steps in Europe.

1st November 2013 Please donate or we’ll send this video around the world.


30th October 2013 A third of clinical trials haven’t published results.

29th October 2013 How to get Jeremy Hunt’s attention on AllTrials.

29th October 2013 “Hardly worth the effort”? Trial registration and journals – video.

25th October 2013 Latest news from AllTrials and we need your help.

24th October 2013 Another pharma company commits to greater transparency.

22nd October 2013 Write a letter to ensure progress on the reporting of clinical trials is not lost.

21st October 2013 Clinical trial participants must be respected.

11th October 2013 5 things you can do today to help us with AllTrials.

9th October 2013 Researchers call for full clinical trial reports to be made available.

7th October 2013 AllTrials slides to add to your presentation.


27th September 2013 AllTrials response to EMA consultation on access to clinical trial data

24th September 2013 Should we banish the term ‘negative trials’?

20th September 2013 European consumer org to support EMA in court cases.

19th September 2013 Organisations developing professional standards on clinical trial transparency.

17th September 2013 MPs call on Government to ensure clinical trials are registered and reported.

13th September 2013 BPS & ASPET announce support for publication of negative findings from clinical trials.

12th September 2013 HRA implements plans to make trial registration an ethical requirement.

12th September 2013 European Medicines Agency wants to hear opinions on its proposed policy on sharing and publishing information from clinical trials.

11th September 2013 BMJ study finds many smaller medical journals do not require clinical trial registration.

6th September 2013 Pharmaceutical company representative argues that information on adverse effects of drugs should be kept confidential.


28th August 2013 EFPIA-PhRMA’s principles for clinical trial data sharing have been misunderstood says Peter Doshi in the BMJ.

22nd August 2013 European Medicines Agency’s data sharing policy is being curtailed by legal action.

14th August 2013 Full registration and reporting of all trials at PLOS Medicine.

12th August 2013 A call to action from AllTrials.

9th August 2013 Declaration of transparency with every research article.

5th August 2013 The AllTrials campaign has published a detailed plan on how all clinical trials can be registered and all results reported.


24th July 2013 EFPIA and PhRMA publish principles on clinical trial data sharing.

23rd July 2013 Pharmaceutical company responses to leaked trade body strategy.

23rd July 2013 Patient groups respond to EFPIA and PhRMA leaked memo.

22nd July 2013 Pharma companies must distance themselves from their trade bodies’ leaked strategy.

16th July 2013 HRA to go ahead with plans to promote transparent research.

15th July 2013 We need your help.

9th July 2013 Are clinical trial data shared sufficiently today? No.

5th July 2013 New York Times editorial calls for ‘Full Disclosure Needed for Clinical Drug Data’.

5th July 2013 Sir Iain Chalmers interviewed in the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation.

3rd July 2013 98% of clinical trials published? One research funder explains how.


28th June 2013 The challenges for journalists writing about clinical trials.

26th June 2013 Data sharing – making it real.

26th June 2013 BMA decides that non-publication of trials results is research misconduct.

19th June 2013 Medtronic and Yale open data project.

19th June 2013 AllTrials on the BBC Daily Politics today.

17th June 2013 RIAT: Drug companies have a year to publish their data or we will do it for them.

14th June 2013 RIAT initiative for publication of historical clinical trial findings.

11th June 2013 Ben Goldacre interview with F1000Research.

10th June 2013 Drug safety relies on people like David tackling the Goliaths of big pharma.

6th June 2013 BMJ Open Data Campaign.

5th June 2013 Patient Perspective interview.

4th June 2013 Ministers answer questions on clinical trials.

3rd June 2013 Government ministers to be quizzed on clinical trials.

3rd June 2013 Tamiflu cost us £424m yet we still don’t know much about it.


31st May 2013 Update from the camapign

31st May 2013 Clinical transparency hits judicial roadblock Nature news

29th May 2013 Update from EU vote on clinical trial regulation.

29th May 2013 Researchers denied clinical trial information.

28th May 2013 AllTrials campaign writes to every MEP on the ENVI committee.

28th May 2013 European Patients’ Forum joins AllTrials.

24th May 2013 BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation, joins AllTrials.

24th May 2013 Ben Goldacre questions WHO director claims.

23rd May 2013 Write to your MEPs.

22nd May 2013 US House Bill Aims to Expand Release of Clinical Trials Data.

22nd May 2013 Requesting Relenza data.

21st May 2013 How many clinical trials are out there?

21st May 2013 Letter supporting AllTrials in the Irish Times.

20th May 2013 International Clinical Trials Day.

20th May 2013 Some of your letters to your MEP(s).

17th May 2013 Sign AllTrials before International Clinical Trials’ Day.

15th May 2013 We need your help – write to your MEP(s).

14th May 2013 Data sharing: where are we? Trish Groves sums up the story so far.

13th May 2013 AllTrials campaign welcomes HRA commitment to clinical trial transparency.

8th May 2013 BMJ urges the EMA to continue with “bold plans” for sharing clinical trial data.

7th May 2013 GSK gives update on plans to share detailed clinical trial data.

3rd May 2013 Patient Information Forum urges everyone to get behind the AllTrials campaign.

2nd May 2013 Ben Goldacre interview with The Global Mail.

1st May 2013 AllTrials asks the EMA to continue their fight for transparency.


30th April 2013 AllTrials response to EU court ruling on EMA.

30th April 2013 AllTrials campaign US launch.

29th April 2013 South African Medical Research Council  joins the AllTrials campaign.

22nd April 2013 Ben Goldacre gives evidence to UK Science & Technology committee Clinical Trials Inquiry.

19th April 2013 Cochrane Collaboration announces formal support for the AllTrials campaign.

4th April 2013 MRC guest blog written by Sir Iain Chalmers Make all research results public.


18th March 2013 Ben Goldacre reports on the need to publish clinical trial results The One Show (BBC).

18th March 2013 Article in The Journal of the American Medical Association Ushering in a New Era of Open Science Through Data Sharing.

15th March 2013 Fox News Surgery clinical trial results selectively reported.

13th March Coverage of the first oral evidence session of the UK Science & Technology committee Clinical Trials Inquiry in Nature.

6th March 2013 UK Parliament Science & Technology committee publishes the written evidence submitted for its Clinical Trials Inquiry.


28th February 2013 Article in Time How Drug Companies Distort Science: Q&A with Ben Goldacre.

26th February 2013 BBC Online blog by Fergus Walsh Roche trial data pledge.

15th February 2013 Report on GSK’s support for the AllTrials campaign on You & Yours (from 15:20).

6th February 2013 Coverage of GSK’s support for the AllTrials campaign in The Guardian, The Times (£), The Independent, Reuters and Wired.

5th February 2013 GSK signs up to AllTrials campaign.

2nd February 2013 Editorial in The Lancet Offline: Falling out with Pharma (£).

1st February 2013 Opinion piece in The New York Times Health Care’s Trick Coin.


29th January 2013 We ask ABPI to answer some direct questions.

23rd January 2013 Response to ABPI statement on AllTrials.

18th January 2013 Sir Iain Chalmers interviewed on the Today programme.

18th January 2013 BBC Online blog by Fergus Walsh Trust of medical volunteers betrayed.

18th January 2013 Participants from clinical trials write to the European medicines regulator.

10th January 2013 Editorial on the campaign in the Times The Drug Test (£)

10th January 2013 Editor’s choice in the BMJ Timely publication of all trials may mean less overtreatment.

9th January 2013 AllTrials campaign launch.