The AllTrials campaign is shining a spotlight on clinical trials that haven’t published results, one per week from now on in the BMJ. Read more about this new series in the BMJ.

The trials we write about will be one of those flagged by the FDAAA Compliance Tracker as overdue reporting results. We’re asking the hundreds of patient groups and thousands of people who are part of the AllTrials campaign to suggest trials they would like to see highlighted so the trials we publicise weekly could be on any treatment or any disease area.

We are publicising unreported clinical trials to get the results reported. We know this works. In February 2018 the team at the EBMDataLab which developed the tracker highlighted one unreported trial on their blog and 7 days later the research team responsible at Columbia University reported the results.

The FDAAA Compliance Tracker is aimed at trying to stop new clinical trials from going overdue. In the meantime, AllTrials is working to get missing results from old trials published – the results we need to make good decisions about today’s and tomorrow’s medicines. If you can help us with that, please consider donating to AllTrials.

Here are the Unreported Clinical Trials of the Week:

17 April 2018: NCT02752646 A randomised trial involving 200 cataract surgery patients to compare the tolerability of different anti-inflammatory eye-drops. This PI for this trial is at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA and it was sponsored by MDbackline LLC in collaboration with Alcon Research.

11 April 2018: NCT01535937 A randomised trial with 55 cocaine dependent adults to investigate whether ketamine is an effective treatment for cocaine addiction. The study was sponsored by New York State Psychiatric Institute in collaboration with the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

4 April 2018: NCT03115177 A study involving 56 adult patients investigating whether a commonly used antibiotic can prevent better infection after shoulder surgery than the standard treatment, sponsored by Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago.

26 March 2018: NCT0213326 A double blind trial of commonly used pain killers for relief of pain after tooth extraction involving 67 adults. It was run by Tufts University School of Medicine between 2014 and 2016.