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Launch of new TrialsTracker

New automated clinical trials tracker shows around half of all trials have not published results, shines a spotlight on the worst companies and universities.

Nearly half of trials run by major trial sponsors in the last decade are missing results according to a new automated clinical trials tracker launched today. The TrialsTracker* identifies trials on the […]

3rd November 2016|

European Medicines Agency today releases first Clinical Study Reports

Today, the European Medicines Agency for the first time ever proactively releases key documents that will allow independent researchers to verify pharmaceutical companies’ claims about the safety and effectiveness of new medicines. Clinical Study Reports, as the documents are called, provide detailed information on the methodologies and results of clinical trials. Today’s release represents a […]

20th October 2016|

More than a million Norwegians demand government action on clinical trial transparency

Today in Oslo a coalition of 20 patient groups and medical organisations is asking the Norwegian parliament to ensure that all clinical trials are registered and their results reported. These groups together represent the voices of over 1.2 million Norwegians.

The ExtraStiftelsen foundation today delivered the AllTrials campaign petition to Trond Giske, the head of the […]

18th October 2016|

European Medicines Agency in landmark freedom of information court battle

Update: 6 February 2018
The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that the European Medicines Agency should be allowed to release information three companies tried to prevent it from sharing.
The EMA reports that “The General Court noted that the companies failed to give any concrete evidence of how the release of the contested documents […]

14th October 2016|

A roadmap to clinical trial transparency

The AllTrials campaign has created a roadmap to show people and groups what they can do to get all trials registered and results reported.

This is a constantly evolving document and we would appreciate any feedback at


View and download the roadmap.

View and download the Spanish translation.

7th October 2016|

International Academy of Nursing Editors (INANE): How we will support the AllTrials campaign

The guest blog below was written by medical professionals involved with INANE, whose membership recently unanimously agreed to support the AllTrials campaign.


The International Academy of Nursing Editors (INANE) is a loosely organized group of editors, publishers and reviewers that represent nursing journals from around the world. Yes, we know what our acronym means. And, as one […]

5th October 2016|

OpenTrials “search engine” for clinical trials nearing beta launch

The soon-to-be launched OpenTrials project aims to create an open, easy-to-use, linked database of information about the world’s clinical trials. It draws together information from multiple sources and presents the information in a variety of formats. The overall aim of the project is to improve access to information about trials, improve access to research, and […]

3rd October 2016|

Dear Priscilla and Mark, don’t waste your donation

Dear Priscilla and Mark

You are making a wonderful contribution in your pledge of $3 billion to medical research.

You probably already know that, right now, around $85 billion of medical research is being wasted every year in the US alone.

What you may not know is that you could do three simple things to make sure that […]

26th September 2016|

New US rules fail to impose full transparency on clinical trials

New rules released today by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will improve the availability of information about clinical trials posted on the register, but still fall short of global best practices and lack teeth, a preliminary analysis by AllTrials suggests.

Dr Till Bruckner, campaign manager […]

16th September 2016|

UN calls for global action on clinical trial transparency

In a landmark report released today, the United Nations called on governments worldwide to pass legislation requiring clinical trials to be registered, and their methods and results to be fully reported. The report, authored by a high-level panel appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, explicitly calls for clinical trial study designs, protocols, data sets, […]

14th September 2016|