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AllTrials response to Pfizer’s new data sharing policy

Pfizer has become the latest pharmaceutical company to move towards making information from clinical trials it sponsored available. From January 2014 Pfizer is going to launch a portal through which qualified researchers can request access to anonymised patient data from completed trials of approved (or discontinued) medicines and indications. And Pfizer is going to publish […]

5th December 2013|

EMA gets important European ruling in AbbVie and InterMune cases

The European Court of Justice has annulled interim injunctions against the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in its appeal against Abbvie and InterMune, who had sought to prevent the EMA releasing documents relating to specific clinical trials. The European Court of Justice now passes the case back to the European General Court, with the stipulation that […]

5th December 2013|

Clinical trial registers contain more complete information than published articles

Reports of clinical trials published in scientific journals contain less information than the summary of results from the same trial on the register In a new paper in PLOSMedicine researchers randomly selected 600 trials that were completed and had summary results uploaded to the register. After searching the scientific literature they found that around half of […]

5th December 2013|

See-through science

See-through science
3rd December 2013

This is a guest post by Daniel Shanahan, Associate Publisher at BioMed Central, which is a supporter of the AllTrials campaign.

The movement for greater transparency in clinical trials has been gaining momentum, with a focus on prospective trial registration in databases, such as the ISRCTN register, and the complete reporting of all […]

3rd December 2013|

Transparency in cancer trials is vital

This is a guest post by Dr Kat Arney, Science Communications Manager at Cancer Research UK, which is a supporter of the AllTrials campaign.

Our aim at Cancer Research UK is to understand cancer and cure it. As well as funding world-class research, including more than 200 clinical cancer studies, we also need to keep an […]

2nd December 2013|

How registering all trials will make a difference to transparency

This is a guest post by Janet Wisely, Chief Executive of the Health Research Authority, which is a supporter of the AllTrials campaign.

The problems with the failure to register and publish trials are well documented. The HRA is looking at practical measures to support, ensure and demonstrate the registration and publication of clinical trials in […]

28th November 2013|

A European consumer perspective on clinical trial reporting

A European consumer perspective on clinical trial reporting
26th November 2013

This is a guest post by Ilaria Passarani, Senior Health Policy Officer at BEUC – The European Consumers’ Organisation, which is a supporter of the AllTrials campaign.

The volunteers who take part in clinical trials put their own lives at risk of unexpected adverse drug reactions. They […]

26th November 2013|

AbbVie, Intermune and the EMA – Court cases and motivations

AbbVie, Intermune and the EMA – Court cases and motivations
22nd November 2013

Back in April 2013, the European Court issued injunctions against the European Medicines Agency (EMA) after the pharmaceutical companies AbbVie and Intermune challenged the Agency’s decisions to grant access to clinical study reports from clinical trials of drugs from each of those companies. The […]

22nd November 2013|

UK Government’s response to Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry into clinical trials

On Monday the UK Government published its response to the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee inquiry into clinical trials. The Committee had made some good suggestions, especially around making “old data” from past clinical trials available.

The Government’s response to the Science and Technology Committee’s recommendations on past trial data is weak – […]

21st November 2013|

Joint letter adds weight to growing number of voices calling for transparency amendments in Europe

A leading group of European health, research and policy organisations have today sent a joint letter to EU member states’ permanent representatives, urging them to support pro-transparency amendments to Clinical Trials Regulation that Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted for in May 2013. The letter was signed by a number of organisations including: The International Society of Drug Bulletins, The Nordic […]

18th November 2013|