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Respond to EMA and FDA consultations by Monday

We urgently need you to respond to two important consultations to defend independent analyses.
Tell the EMA not to censor independent analyses
In Europe, the medicines regulator wants the right to censor analyses of side effects data that it disagrees with. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is consulting on updates to its EudraVigilance access policy. EudraVigilance is the […]

11th September 2014|

We need your help

The EU medicines body is about to take a backwards step on transparency. We’ve been urging them not to. We need your help – the EMA should delay finalising its draft clinical trials data sharing policy until concerns we and others have raised with them are addressed.

The EU Ombudsman is concerned that the EMA’s new […]

9th June 2014|

Urgent: Write Canadian MPs to bring Clinical Trial Transparency to Canada

Canadians: We have just heard that we have a chance to improve clinical trial transparency in Canada. Bill C-17 or “Vanessa’s Law” is being considered this Tuesday and there’s a chance to get clinical trial transparency measures added to it.

We urgently need you to write to the MPs on the Standing Committee on Health to tell […]

23rd May 2014|

AllTrials video – make clinical trials count

It’s time all clinical trial results are reported. Watch this video and change something.

Results from around half of clinical trials have never been published. Information on what was done and what was found in these trials could be lost forever to doctors and researchers, leading to bad treatment decisions, missed opportunities for good medicine, and […]

19th May 2014|

100,000 for AllTrials by International Clinical Trials Day

International Clinical Trials Day is Tuesday 20th May 2014 and we cannot afford to lose momentum for AllTrials. Help us get to 100,000 signatures on the AllTrials petition. Here’s what you can do today:

Share the petition. Make it your goal to get 10 new signatures. Email it to your friends, family and co-workers, share it on […]

14th May 2014|

Share the AllTrials Twitpic

Help us reach 100,000 signatures on the AllTrials petition – share this image on Facebook and Twitter.

Click on the image to open a full-sized version.

“Results from half of all clinical trials remain hidden.
Contributions from hundreds of thousands of patients in those trials remain unused and unusable.
Sign the AllTrials petition to make them count.”

Or press retweet below:
Results […]

14th May 2014|

Host the AllTrials button

Please add one of the following buttons/banners to your website to help spread the word about the AllTrials campaign. We have created the most commonly sized graphics. Let us know where you’ve added our logo, if you need other sizes, and any other suggestions or feedback.

Full size

Copy and paste the code below into your webpage HTML:
<a href=”” […]

1st January 2014|

Please donate or we’ll send this video around the world

Please donate or we’ll send this video around the world
We need to make a video to help people around the world to build the campaign, with the voices of some of the many patients, doctors and researchers who have joined forces under AllTrials, and just a little of Ben Goldacre.

Right now we can only make […]

1st November 2013|

How to get Jeremy Hunt’s attention on AllTrials

Over the last week many of you have been in touch to let us know you have written to your health ministers urging them to keep the good progress towards clinical trial transparency in the draft Clinical Trials Regulation debate. There is more you can do. One of our supporters, Jeannette James has got in […]

29th October 2013|

5 things you can do today to help us with AllTrials

5 things you can do today to help us with AllTrials
11th October 2013

The head of Europe’s pharmaceutical industry body has threatened “a series of lawsuits” if the EU’s medicines body goes ahead with its great plans to publish more of the clinical trial information it holds. The European Medicines Agency plans to proactively publish the […]

11th October 2013|