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AllTrials slides to add to your presentation

Help spread the word and get more people and organisations to add their voices to the AllTrials campaign by adding a slide or two to your conference, meeting, or journal club presentation. We’ve created two versions of some Powerpoint slides:

A stand alone slide  with an overview of the campaign.
A presentation with six slides and […]

7th October 2013|

EMA wants to hear from you

The European Medicines Agency wants to hear opinions on its proposed policy on sharing and publishing information from clinical trials. The Agency has committed to proactively publish information from clinical trials submitted in support of a marketing authorisation application, once the decision-making process has ended, and sets out a model for sharing commercially confidential information and […]

12th September 2013|

We need your help

We need your help
15th July 2013

We launched the AllTrials campaign 6 months ago, and with your help it’s taken us where we never expected. Major organisations around the world are now taking this problem more seriously than ever before, and we have the opportunity to take practical action that could raise the level of clinical […]

15th July 2013|

Get involved

Ask everyone you know to sign the petition:

Sign the petition yourself.
Ask 10 of your friends, family and colleagues to sign the petition
Email everyone you know with a link to the petition: put it on your blog, put it on your Facebook page and Tweet about it

Spread the word:

Host the AllTrials web button on your […]

11th July 2013|

Update from the campaign

31st May 2013

Dear Friends

There is a lot to tell you this week, including a good result in a crucial vote in Europe and progress in the US, and we need your help to get more international organisations in the campaign.

European legislation

MEPs have voted to add amendments to the Clinical Trials Regulation that would increase transparency […]

12th June 2013|

Quick update from Sile on vote in EU today

“It hasn’t been easy to follow the votes on the clinical trial regulation in the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee in Brussels today but I think we can say that the result isn’t bad, and that we all made a difference.

MEPs accepted compromise amendment 11 which says that all clinical trials must be […]

12th June 2013|

Sign up to AllTrials before International Clinical Trials’ day

The AllTrials campaign is calling on all those who haven’t yet signed the petition to make sure they do before International Clinical Trials day this coming Monday.

If you have already signed the petition then Monday is the day to promote the campaign as much as possible. Tell everyone you know to sign. Get organisations to […]

12th June 2013|

We need your help – write to your MEP(s)

15th May 2013

Today the new head of pharmaceutical company Lilly UK Jean-Michel Cosséry said that patients don’t want companies like his to spend their money sharing “old data.” These “old data” are, of course, the results on which all treatments in current use are based! Perhaps he is hoping that AllTrials can be headed off […]

12th June 2013|

European Court is on the wrong side on patient safety

1st May 2013

This is an article for the PLOS Medicine Community Blog and you can read the full piece here.

The European General Court has issued an injunction to prevent the European medicines regulator from releasing information from clinical trials conducted by AbbVie and InterMune at the request of the two companies. While yesterday’s ruling […]

12th June 2013|

AllTrials campaign writes to MEPs

AllTrials campaign writes to every MEP on the ENVI committee before the vote on the clinical trial regulation tomorrow. If you haven’t written to your MEP yet, please feel free to use some of this letter. All the MEPs’ details are here.
Dear MEP

On Wednesday 29th May the ENVI committee will […]

28th May 2013|