UK universities and NHS trusts that flout the rules on clinical trials identified in report to Parliament

An AllTrials report for the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee this week has found that 33 NHS trust sponsors and six UK universities are reporting none of their clinical trial results, while others have gone from 0% to 100% following an announcement from the Select Committee in January that universities and NHS […]

24th October 2019|

Health integrity organisations call for governments to ensure access to results of all clinical trials

A new publication from the Collaboration for Research Integrity and Transparency (CRIT) at Yale Law School and AllTrials supporters Transparency International, TranspariMED and Cochrane calls on governments to ensure that patients, doctors, and scientists can access the full results of all clinical trials.

The groups warn that the current lack of access to complete, unbiased and […]

18th December 2017|

Most discontinued trials remain unpublished

A new research paper in JAMA looking at 1017 clinical trials has found that most trials stopped before the planned end remain unpublished, and overall 56% never published results. An international research group was given access to the records of all the clinical trials approved by six ethics committees in Switzerland, Germany and Canada between […]

14th August 2014|

Timeline test

19th December 2013|

Letters to your MEPs

20th May 2013

A committee of MEPs will soon vote on proposals that would increase transparency of clinical trials. However, there are 350 lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry at the European Parliament and MEPs are now hearing their arguments against transparency every day. We have until 29th May to make sure they hear our arguments.

If you […]

12th June 2013|