With the World Health Organisation’s recent Statement on Public Disclosure of Clinical Trials Results, affirming that researchers have an ethical imperative to make results from all clinical trials publicly available, it is clear that we have made remarkable progress on the call for greater clinical trial transparency. However, as we have seen before, recognition of the problem does not necessarily lead to improved clinical trials registration and reporting.

In April 2015, at the 3-day ‘Evidence Live 2015’ meeting in Oxford, UK, Ben Goldacre discussed the need for a new focus, describing practical strategies that could lead to improved trials reporting in practice.

Watch and share his talk, Progress and Barriers on Clinical Trial Transparency.

Members of AllTrials, Sir Iain Chalmers, Ben Goldacre, Síle Lane and Carl Heneghan, also presented on the importance of the AllTrials campaign, reflecting on recent successes, and challenges for the future.

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Evidence Live 2015 was hosted by two founding organisations of the AllTrials campaign; the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, and The BMJ. For more about this year’s Evidence Live, read Jack O’Sullivan’s blog here.