Today the American Medical Association (AMA) joins more than 641 patient advocacy groups, professional societies, medical organisations and thousands of patients worldwide in supporting the global campaign for clinical trial registration and reporting led by AllTrials.

AMA President, Steven J. Stack, said:

“The AMA strongly supports improving the timeliness and accessibility of clinical trial data to reduce the duplication of research and help inform future research—ultimately improving health outcomes for patients. The AMA is pleased to join the AllTrials initiative to continue efforts aimed at ensuring open access to clinical trial data for physicians, researchers and patients.”

Enhanced clinical trial transparency and the efforts of the AllTrials initiative were part of a policy proposal submitted by the AMA’s Medical Student Section for consideration at the AMA’s 2015 Interim House of Delegates meeting. The House of Delegates adopted policy during the meeting to support the timely dissemination of clinical trial data, improved enforcement deadlines for sharing these results, and expanded registration for clinical trials to improve clinical practice and policy. In alignment with this policy and upon recent approval by the AMA Board of Trustees, the AMA has now joined the AllTrials initiative.

Lauren Quattrochi, Ph.D., Director of AllTrials USA, said:

“With the support of the AMA, we see the cultural change in clinical trial transparency come significantly closer to one that will advance evidence-based medicine and improve the quality of care for all Americans.”

AMA joins other top-tier American physician-based groups that have endorsed AllTrials, such as the American College of Physicians, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Psychiatric Association and the American Medical Student Association

AllTrials calls for all past and present clinical trials to be registered and their full methods and summary results reported. AllTrials USA aims to unite patient groups, professional societies, researchers, academic centres, publishers, investor groups, and pharmaceutical companies to curate and promote a national conversation about the value of clinical trial transparency and the ethics of conducting trials. The US initiative was launched in July 2015 and is a project of Sense About Science USA, a non-profit (501c3) based in Brooklyn, New York.

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