LEO Pharma has today committed to making results from clinical trials as far back as 1990 available. The company announced today that “as of January 1st 2014:

  • the company will gradually post summary results of clinical trials sponsored by LEO Pharma dating back to 1990 on the company’s corporate website;
  • clinical study reports dating back to 1990 will gradually be published, starting with the most recent and with all available within the next three years;
  • upon request, researchers, healthcare professionals and patient associations can receive access to anonymised patient-level data for approved products dating back to 2000.

These requests will be reviewed by an independent Board comprised of patients and healthcare professionals that will meet four times a year.”

In the last year a number of other companies have made great strides towards clinical trial transparency. In February this year GSK joined the AllTrials campaign and committed to making clinical study reports (CSRs) from all the company’s trials since 1990 available. GSK has also set up infrastructure to share individual patient data with researchers who request it. Roche responded to calls for greater transparency by promising to provide access to CSRs on request and, from January 2014, to patient level data after requests have been reviewed by an independent panel of experts.

Ben Goldacre, author, doctor and co-founder of AllTrials said: “This is excellent news from LEO Pharma. Their commitments, and the commitments from a growing number of other companies, stand in sharp contrast to the obfuscating pharmaceutical industry trade bodies who seem to want to keep secrecy as the norm.”

Gitte P. Aabo, President and CEO of LEO Pharma said: “LEO Pharma is a patient-centric company and for us that implies being transparent about the results from our clinical trials, so that we can enable patients and healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about treatment. We recognise the public health benefits associated with making clinical trials results available.”

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