To make every clinical trial count, changes to registration and reporting behaviour need to be global. Building support for AllTrials in the US is crucial.

The UK AllTrials video has helped tremendously to raise awareness and grow the campaign. Watch it again to see the impact it has. It captures clearly and powerfully why clinical trial transparency is so important, as described by the people to whom it matters most – patients.

The US is a very different place to the UK, and we need the campaign to have the best possible tools for success. This means a US version of the video, with US stories and voices.

We urgently need to raise $12,000 to do this. Can you help us?

The video will help US supporters spread the word, and encourage people to become campaigners themselves. It will hammer home just how important it is that all clinical trials get registered and their results reported.

Please donate something towards our fundraising appeal and make the US video a reality. You can also help by sharing our appeal with friends and colleagues. Thank you so much for your continued support.



Already, we’re getting great support for our US video fundraising! Here are just some of the reasons why supporters are donating to AllTrials:

“Hiding half the data is how magicians do coin tricks and shell games. Why allow for-profit companies to do the same with trials on lifesaving drugs? Publishing all trials is simple common sense.” – Daniel Oberski

“We need ALL available information to make informed decisions about health care. Few people outside of science realize how much publication bias distorts what we “know.” It’s time for that to stop.” – Cindy Seiwert

“AllTrials is important to me because both doctors and patients deserve to know the full story on how safe and effective drugs are.” – Greg Spooner

“With incomplete data we can only get an incomplete picture. All trials need to be published, commercial interests are less important than human lives.” – Robert Virkus

“Clinical trials produce the ammunition we need to fight diseases, and it only makes sense as a species if we band together and share our resources to tackle cancer, HIV, ALS, and rare diseases.” – Paul Wicks

“Fuck it, you guys deserve my money and I support what you’re doing wholeheartedly. Let’s shine light on all this data.” – Riley Burke


Please donate whatever you can to help us reach our $12,000 target. Share your involvement and our GoFundMe page on social media using #AllTrials.