Elsevier, one of the world’s largest science and medicine publishers, joined AllTrials today. Elsevier said:

Elsevier has pledged to support the further development of the AllTrials campaign to drive greater clinical transparency. We envision this as both a strategic advisory role on how publishers can contribute, and a technical and operational one exploring how we can embed clinical trial registration in our peer review processes, in ScienceDirect and Scopus through the use of unique identifiers to track research on specific trials, in new rules for authors, and in collaborating with fellow publishers to develop new industry standards.

Tracey Brown, Managing Director of Sense about Science, one of the founding organizations of the AllTrials campaign:

As a large publisher in medicine, Elsevier’s support for the aim of openness about clinical trials – and its commitment to working out journal policies that help achieve that – takes us a significant step closer towards ending the era of secrecy and sloppiness in clinical trials reporting.

Anne Kitson, Executive VP of Health & Medical Sciences at Elsevier:

Elsevier is proud to support the AllTrials campaign.As a leading STM publisher producing a quarter of the world’s medical and scientific literature, we believe that we can bring a unique scope and scale to boosting clinical trial transparency. It’s a responsibility we take seriously.

Catriona Fennell, Director of Journal Services, is responsible for Elsevier’s publishing ethics initiatives including CrossCheck, the development of ethics education programs, and serving as Elsevier’s liaison with the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

We are looking forward to working closely with Sense about Science and the AllTrials community to contribute to this important campaign. Embedding clinical trials transparency into our editorial, production and publication platforms will take time, but we are excited to explore how we can develop best practice and further the critical aims of All Trials.

Dr. Stephane Berghmans is VP of Global Academic Relations EU for Elsevier. In his previous position as Head of the Biomedical Research Unit at the European Science Foundation, he coordinated a foresight report on the “Implementation of Medical Research in Clinical Practice” that recommended promoting rigorous registration of clinical studies and reporting of these results.

I am very pleased to see Elsevier committing to this important recommendation in line with an unbiased reporting of clinical research supported by the AllTrials campaign.

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