Today Europe’s medicines body votes on how much clinical trial information it will allow researchers to see. The European Medicines Agency promised in 2010 to give researchers greater access to the clinical trial data it holds. But its published policy on how it will share this data would effectively prevent independent researchers from being able to evaluate the benefits and harms of medicines. Hundreds of citizens and organisations representing thousands of people across Europe pressed the EMA to remove restrictive technical clauses from its policy and keep its promise. The EMA will be voting on the policy today, Thursday 2nd October. Members of the AllTrials campaign, researchers and consumer groups will be commenting on the results.

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For more information on the campaign, clinical trial transparency and for comments please get in touch with Ian Bushfield, Sense about Science at or +44 (0) 20 7490 9590.

The AllTrials campaign is calling for all clinical trials, past and present, to be registered and results reported. It is supported by over 80,000 individuals and 500 organisations including patient groups and consumer organisations, pharmaceutical companies, research funders, medical Royal Colleges and Universities from around the world.

See a timeline of the EMA’s policy

Read some of the letters to Guido Rasi, Director of the EMA, from AllTrials campaign members, EU Ombudsman, researchers who work with clinical trial data and organisations from across Europe