The European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN) has joined AllTrials, saying “ECRIN promotes transparency in clinical trials, including commitment to publish and commitment to provide access to patient-level data.” ECRIN is a not-for-profit organisation that provides hands-on support and tools for multinational clinical research projects in Europe.

Dr Trish Groves, deputy editor and editor-in-chief, BMJ Open said:

“It’s excellent news that ECRIN has signed up to the AllTrials campaign. ECRIN’s help is particularly important for designing and running investigator-led and other small-to-medium clinical trials that need to cross European borders and to grapple with different states’ healthcare structures and regulations. Without ECRIN, important clinical research questions in Europe would remain unanswered.”

The AllTrials campaign calls for all clinical trials to be registered and all results reported. Results from around half of all clinical trials remain hidden. Trials with negative results are twice as likely to remain unreported as those with positive results. This means that people who make decisions about medicines don’t have full information about the benefits and risks of treatments we use every day. AllTrials was launched in January 2013 and has been joined by 84723 people and 571 organisations. Sign the petitionask your organisation to join and share the AllTrials video.