Important steps in Europe

6th November 2013

Today is a big day for clinical trials transparency in Europe. Discussions about the EU Clinical Trial Regulation are beginning now between the European Council, Commission and Parliament, and we have heard that transparency will be on the agenda within the next week. Last week we asked those of you in Europe to write to your national health ministers to get their support for amendments to the European regulation on clinical trials that would mean more of the findings from clinical trials done in Europe will be available to researchers, doctors and pharmacists.

Thank you to everyone who did that, your letters may be decisive over the next five weeks.

There will be a number of discussions, four political and a number technical, on the proposed amendments to the Clinical Trials Regulation, with a decision expected on 12th December. EU regulation disappears behind closed doors but we’ll will let you know as soon as there is anything that patients, doctors, researchers and all other supporters of AllTrials can do to press for those amendments.

You can always see the latest news here on the AllTrials website. Please tell us about anything you are doing in every other country so that we are up to date!

And finally, a huge thank you for your donations to create a video to spread the AllTrials campaign worldwide. In just a flurry of tweets and emails, we’ve already reached 76% of the target. The planned YouTube film will help AllTrials supporters in every country to build support, with the voices of patients and doctors on why the information on what was found in clinical trials should be available. Your donations, of whatever you can manage, will save us from this shaky footage of Ben Goldacre outside a dry cleaners! Please help if you can.