We love hearing from people who are passionate about the AllTrials campaign. Marty, a clinical assistant professor at East Carolina University, emailed us about why he’s enthusiastic about clinical trials transparency and how he’s getting involved in the campaign. He gave us permission to share his email with you.

I have long been passionate about research, research methodology, science, medicine (particularly evidence-based medicine), and the like. However, I have been profoundly interested in and deeply appalled by publication bias and issues with trial transparency. I had my first glimpse into this dark reality when I was merely in my undergraduate training some years ago, and I’ve passionately and fervently investigated and followed it since.

I was perusing your site today and I noticed there was a request for me to contact the campaign at this email address if I’d given a talk about publication bias and trial transparency. I did just that in March of this year when I gave a talk that was open to the Division of Health Sciences. I also gave my students a lecture on the matter last year (one of my professorial duties is lecturing specifically on evidence-based medicine, and I created an extra lecture slot just for this topic), and I’ll most certainly be lecturing on it again this year with the new students. I’m also avidly seeking out other opportunities to give additional talks on the matter. I was actually approached after my talk in March regarding giving another talk in the near future, and I jumped at the opportunity. This is still pending, however. I am a huge supporter of the AllTrials campaign (I signed the petition quite a while ago), and I even mention AllTrials when I give a talk or lecture. If you’d like to know anything more, please don’t hesitate to ask.

On a related note, just this week I contacted the heads of my university and told them about AllTrials. I also encouraged them to consider having East Carolina University join. I can forward you the email I sent them if you’d like. I’ve already heard back from them saying they’ve taken my recommendation into consideration and it is currently under review. I will keep you posted as I learn more.

With much appreciation,



Marty’s request to his university comes after a student asked the University of Edinburgh to join AllTrials and it did. We’re hearing from lots of people who are asking their universities to join. Have you asked your alma mater to join AllTrials?

Let us know how you’re getting involved in the AllTrials campaign and if we can share your story too. Email us at alltrials@senseaboutscience.org.