Results from more than half of clinical trials for common chronic pain disorders are not readily available on global registries, according to a new paper in the journal PAIN [1]. The survey included 15 major registries accessible through the World Health Organisation’s International Clinical Trials Registry Platform. Of the 447 unique trials identified, only 46% had results available.

Dr Michael Rowbotham, Scientific Director of the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute and lead study author:

Many patients enter clinical trials with the belief that by taking part in research, they will help other patients in the future. For that to happen, the results of this research must be transparent and fully available.

AllTrials co-founder Dr Ben Goldacre:

Once again we see that half of all trial results for currently used treatments are missing. While industry groups like the ABPI give false reassurance, and try to pretend that this problem has gone away, patients are being unnecessarily harmed. Industry, regulators, patient groups, professional bodies and the research community need to take action, show leadership, and address this problem urgently.

[1] “RReACT Goes Global: Perils and Pitfalls of Constructing a Global Open-Access Database of Registered Analgesic Clinical Trials and Trial Results,” by Troels Munch; Faustine L. Dufka; Kaitlin Greene; Shannon M. Smith; Robert H. Dworkin; Michael C. Rowbotham (DOI: It appears online ahead of PAIN®, Volume 155, Issue 8 (August 2014) published by Elsevier.