23rd January 2013

“On 18th January 2013 the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) put out a statement on AllTrials, but the statement does not address the things that AllTrials is calling for.

AllTrials calls for the publication of clinical study reports from all clinical trials since the 1990s and for all trials to be registered. It is not a campaign for releasing individual patient data. The only mention made of publishing clinical trials results in the ABPI response is with reference to the ABPI Code of Conduct, which is only for new trials rather than earlier trials relating to treatments currently in use. The ABPI’s statement appears to contradict the Code by saying that there are commercial reasons not to follow it.

The development of new treatments, patient confidence and regulatory oversight can only benefit from having full information about the trials that have been done before and what they have found. It is important that industry engages with this issue. We are not campaigning on access to individual patient data; that is a separate issue. Please can you respond to our call for access to clinical study reports and summary trial results on all trials for currently used treatments.”


Read the ABPI statement here.