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Giving evidence to House of Commons Science and Technology Committee

Síle Lane and Ben Goldacre gave evidence to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry into research integrity along with Dr Simon Kolstoe.

Watch the session:

Publication bias in clinical trials is the most thoroughly researched aspect of research integrity – having been discussed in detail for over 30 years. And now the area with quite […]

5th December 2017|

AllTrials review of pharmaceutical company policies on clinical trial transparency

Our review of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies’ trial registration and reporting policies is now published in the BMJ. This is the first time anyone has systematically examined and compared published company policies on trial transparency.

We found:

Most of the largest companies, though not all, have some sort of publicly stated policy about registering and reporting results from current […]

27th July 2017|

“No more excuses” as major global research funders take strong lead on clinical trial transparency

Some of the world’s largest research funders and NGOs today agreed to adopt the WHO’s strong standards on clinical trial transparency. This means all clinical trials they fund or support will be registered and the results reported.

In a joint statement, nine major funders including Médecins Sans Frontières, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Indian Council of Medical […]

17th May 2017|

Canadians: act now for clinical trial transparency

Canadians: now is our best chance to get Health Canada to take a big step towards making results from all clinical trials available.

Back in 2014, the Canadian government passed the Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act, commonly known as Vanessa’s Law. Following pressure from AllTrials, the law gave the Minister of Health the authority to […]

16th May 2017|

Trabajar juntos para reparar la medicina

Este documento tiene el propósito de presentar las iniciativas de la campaña que ya están en marcha y de sugerir aquello que pueden hacer las organizaciones para cambiar las cosas en su sector. Está diseñado para mostrar de forma clara y sencilla lo que pueden hacer los  irmantes de la campaña para generar la mayor […]

22nd February 2017|

Integrity and Transparency in Reporting Clinical Trials

The latest issue of the Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal includes an editorial on the importance of clinical trial transparency.
Evidence-based practice has become an expectation in health care. In recent years, the retraction of studies based on scientific fraud and outright fabrication of data has been highly publicized in both popular and scientific literature. Although the […]

14th February 2017|

AARP, representing nearly 38 million people, joins AllTrials

AARP (formally the American Association of Retired Persons) joins AllTrials. With close to 38 million members, this is a fantastic addition to the global call for clinical trial transparency.
AARP recognizes the importance of clinical trial transparency and supports the AllTrials campaign, which calls for the registration of all clinical trials and the publication of their […]

8th December 2016|

New study finds that less than half of failed clinical trials are published

In early October 2016, JAMA Internal Medicine published a paper indicating that less than half of failed Phase III clinical trials are subsequently published in peer-reviewed journals. The authors warned that the widespread failure to publish such failed trials hinders medical progress, wastes resources, and places patients in harm’s way.

The paper examined the development process […]

5th December 2016|

Systematic review finds that majority of journal articles fail to report adverse events

A systematic review published in September 2016 indicted that adverse events reporting in academic journals may be improving. The review, which examined 368 journal articles about clinical trials that tested spinal manipulative therapy interventions, found that only 38% of all articles reported on adverse events, but that the rate among articles published since 2010 was […]

1st December 2016|

Clinical trials involving children often misreport outcomes

A study published in September 2016 found major discrepancies in the reporting of clinical trials involving children. A team of researchers examined 20 trials and discovered that “all 20 trials selectively reported or failed to report main outcomes”.

 In addition, the researchers found:

13 trials completed early without justification
11 downgraded or modified primary outcome or upgraded secondary […]

29th November 2016|