Hello hello,

I hope you’ve seen our new tool, the FDAAA TrialsTracker, which identifies every individual clinical trial that fails to report its results, live online. Now everyone can see the individual institutes, companies and researchers responsible for unreported trials, the very day they go overdue.

Three weeks ago we highlighted just one of these overdue trials, from researchers at Columbia University. It was a trial on pain relief in labour: a real world issue that really matters. Just one week after we shone our spotlight, the researchers submitted their results.

The AllTrials campaign could now start tracking down and identifying more missing trials – those from before this month, on the medicines we are currently using – and we think it’s urgent, because with every day that passes, software and individuals retire, and we’ll lose the possibility of getting those results reported. It’s taken a lot of determination to get to this point and I am asking for your help because we really need it to move ahead.  

Please, if you’d like to help fix the problem of unreported trials, we have three questions:

  1. Can you donate something? People have given $20 or committed to £10 a month. Even a small amount, a cup of coffee amount, will help. bit.ly/SupportAllTrials
  2. Can you tweet and tell people why you donated?
  3. Can you please send this note to everyone you know?

Best wishes,

Ben Goldacre