29th April 2013

The South African Medical Research Council (SA MRC) signs the AllTrials petition.

Tamara Kredo, acting manager of the South African Cochrane Centre at the MRC said: “The vision of the SA MRC is to build a healthy nation through research. Unregistered clinical trials and unpublished, inaccessible results of research pose a barrier to achieving this vision. The SA MRC has long supported the importance of minimising publication bias. We provide a home for the Pan African Clinical Trials Registry (www.pactr.org), a WHO recognised register which has specific capability to serve researchers, decision makers and patients in Africa. We are pleased to add our signature to this AllTrials petition and support the call for open access to the results of all clinical trials.”

You can read some coverage on this story here.

See all the other organisations that have signed up, and let us know if your organisation would like to do the same.