“Hardly worth the effort”? Trial registration and journals

29th October 2013

Here’s a great video featuring Elizabeth Wager talking about her research into the policies of journals and views of journal editors and publishers regarding trial registration. Elizabeth and her colleague found that only 28% of the 200 journals examined required trial registration as a condition of publication.

When asking editors and publishers about their reasons for registering or not, one said: “technically that’s a clinical trial, but it seems hardly worth the effort to register”, with another commenting “We are competing with rival journals, and until the rival journals make it mandatory, why would I want to bar what is potentially quite interesting papers to us, just because we have got the higher standards than the rest of them?”

We are currently raising money to produce our own video to spread the word about the AllTrials campaign.

It will capture the voices of patients, doctors and researchers, telling us why the information on what was found in clinical trials should be available. We will have it subtitled in many languages to maximise its reach.

Please donate whatever you can afford and tell everyone you know about this fundraising appeal.