Autistica is proud to support this AllTrials petition for all past and present clinical trials to be registered and their full methods and summary results reported.

Autistica is a vital bridge between a diverse autism community and medical researchers.  This is why we understand that it is crucial to clearly communicate trial results to our community and build confidence in autism research.

We expect all trials funded by Autistica to be registered and reported, and will include this as a requirement in all grant awards from now on. The development of treatments to support people with autism from diagnosis through to adulthood is a key priority for the autism community.  With this in mind, we need to ensure that all studies are clearly reported and thus have maximum impact.  This will allow for autism research to most effectively and efficiently improve clinical practice.

Finally, Autistica is committed to making our science accessible to the community.  This is why we circulate lay summaries of the findings of our funded studies as widely as possible.   We actively encourage our researchers to do the same.