We agree with the AllTrials initiative: All Trials Registered | All Results Reported. Colombia Médica has published several articles about registration of clinical trials, CONSORT statement, publication ethics and research quality. Some of these articles are listed below with their corresponding links.

Clinical trials registration and the ‘instead of’ research phenomenon. Colomb Med (2007). Available at: http://goo.gl/e8MpfF

Editor’s duty on cases of scientific misconduct. Colomb Med (2008). Available at: http://goo.gl/IO84bd

From trial and error to EQUATOR Network. Colomb Med (2012). Available at: http://goo.gl/xvxfkp

Post-trial access and the new version of the Declaration of Helsinki. Colomb Med (2013). Available at: http://goo.gl/Cgq8HH

A paper analysing the phenomenon of unpublished human studies registered at ClinicalTrials.gov, including Colombian centers listed as locations for patient recruitment, was recently published in the last issue of Colombia Médica: 74/ 202 of these studies remain unpublished over three-years after completion.

Lack of transparency in clinical trials: a call for action. Colomb Med (2013). Available at: http://goo.gl/cYagQS

We hope our support to AllTrials campaign to be followed by other Colombian and Latin American organizations. The Drug Information Center of National University of Colombia (CIMUN) is today the only Colombian institution supporting AllTrials campaign.