The Yale Global Health Justice Partnership supports the AllTrials campaign because we believe access to knowledge is as important as access to medicines. While drugs, biologics, devices and other medical interventions are often life-saving for many people, the answers about their optimal use come from rigorous research conducted by both public and private institutions. This information from clinical study is vital for patients, clinicians and researchers as they struggle to understand how to manage the complexities of prevention, care and treatment of diseases, the comparative effectiveness of different interventions and their utility and impact at the individual and societal levels. All clinical trial information and other data relevant to medical interventions should be in the public domain open to scrutiny of independent researchers as a matter of ethical research practice and product development, but also of human rights and social justice.  At the Yale Global Health Justice Partnership, we believe access to medicines and access to knowledge about medical interventions are key components of realizing the right to health for millions of people around the world.