Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) is committed to the principle of open and accessible research, so fully supports and is committed to the principles of the AllTrials Campaign. LSTM endorses the principle of having all clinical research registered and the results of such studies published as quickly as possible following their completion (in line with the CONSORT statement).

Established in 1898, LSTM was the first institution in the world dedicated to research and teaching in the field of tropical medicine and is currently a leading international institution in the fight against infectious, debilitating and disabling diseases. A registered charity and independent academic institution, LSTM works in over 60 countries worldwide, often in very difficult circumstances, to fulfil its mission of reducing the burden of sickness and mortality in disease endemic countries through the delivery of effective interventions which improve human health and are relevant to the poorest communities.

LSTM’s work in combating diseases such as TB, HIV/AIDS, malaria, dengue and lymphatic filariasis is supported by research awards currently in excess of £240 million. Its worldwide reputation and the calibre of its research outputs has secured funding to lead 12 international consortia and product development partnerships aimed at reducing or eliminating the impact of diseases upon the world’s poorest people. Our Centre for Tropical and Infectious Diseases is a £23 million state of the art facility for developing new drugs, vaccines and pesticides which puts us at the forefront of infectious disease research. All of these activities are built on the basic principles of rigorous research practices and the timely dissemination of study findings enshrined within the AllTrials Campaign. LSTM believes that this Campaign can, if successful, make a very significant contribution to the fight to reduce the burden of disease worldwide.