25th July 2013

MS Society: The MS Society supports the registration of clinical trials and the publication of all findings. The MS Society spends approximately £4million a year on funding vital research into understanding the causes of MS, developing therapies to alleviate symptoms, and finding treatments that will slow stop or reverse the progression of MS as well as developing and improving services for people with MS.

We want clinicians and people with MS to be able to make informed decisions about their MS treatment. This is why we ask the researchers we fund to publish and disseminate the result of research funded by the Society even where the results prove negative or inconclusive.

To achieve the best possible outcomes for people with MS, we believe it’s vital that patients, clinicians and organisations such as the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the Scottish Medicines Consortium have access to all the data. As an evidence based organisation, the MS Society believes that informed decisions on treatment cannot be achieved unless all trials are registered and the full methods and results reported.