The UK Research Integrity Office supports the AllTrials petition


The UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) supports the AllTrials petition. We have always stressed – through our practical advisory service, our education and training, and our publications – that all research should be conducted to the highest standards of honesty, accuracy, integrity and accountability.


It is essential to retain the public’s trust, safeguard the wellbeing of research participants and patients, and ensure that decisions are not based on biased or incomplete evidence. The publication of data should not be suppressed and findings should not be presented or interpreted inappropriately. UKRIO has been saying this for some years, for example in our Code of Practice for Research (2009).


Far more should have been done to address the non-publication of clinical trials and the selective reporting of results. The research community and the public now have an opportunity to take a clear stand on these issues. We hope that the weight of public opinion, academic argument and hard evidence against non-publication or selective publication of clinical trials will lead to real change.